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Price list for various services

1 . General house maintenance

Depending on the size of the object being looked after.
Price on agreement.


Snow clearance, including grit per hour: € 45.- + 20% VAT
Lawn mowing / disposal of cut grass per hour: € 35.- + 20% VAT

2 . Individual customer services / see a – h below

The settlement follows, according to the actual recorded hours worked, of € 35.- + 20% VAT per hour. A monthly package can be agreed upon if more services are required.

Repairs, by a contract partner, will be paid directly by the Absolut Services OG and billed monthly to the property owners with a surcharge of 3%. Replacement of lighting - settlement according to the purchase receipt.

Commissioned shopping services are settled with the suppliers, according to the bill. A charge of €35,- + 20% VAT is added to the account for time and labour expenditure.

Customer services a – h

a) regular (interval by arrangement) control of the properties to ensure they are maintained in an orderly fashion and that all rooms are thoroughly aired.
Any damage found will be reported to the owner and after clearance has been given, repairs will be carried out by a suitable licensed contract partner of the Absolut Services OG – the settlement then follows through the Absolut Services OG
b) control of lighting and illumination ( replacement if necessary )
c) heating service – control, turning on/off according to the time of year
d) acquisition of wood and other heating materials
e) cleaning service before arrivals and after departures, changing of bed linen
f) various meter readings and forwarding results to energy suppliers, councils etc., for the yearly account.

More services

Shopping service according to the shopping list given
Organisation of shuttle services
Emergency services for owners and their guests
Organisation of party service and catering
Organisation of ski passes, ski equipment, golf green fees and tee-off times,
Theater – concert tickets, restaurant – table reservations.

3. Extra services for rented properties

Photographic documentation of the inventory with rented properties when the contract begins.

Regular control of the whole property for damage and of the property inventory (including small inventories) according to the given inventory list.
Inventory control at the end of each season of small inventories (according to the inventory list), 2 x a year. If something is damaged or missing, replacements are organized according to the inventory list ie. organized repair of the damaged items or inventories by a licenced contract partner. The settlement for replacement or repair goes to the rental company concerned, through the Absolut Services OG.

The time between controls is by arrangement:
1x , 2x or 4x a month during the rental season. 1x month in the off-season.
Control times are between departures and arrivals, in agreement with the respective rental company.

The cost per control is € 35,- + 20% VAT

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